True Cruising Chain Requirements

True Cruising Chain Requirements
January 27, 2004

Dear TC Applicant:

You are also getting with this a guide to anchors, chain and rode. The guide states the minimums that are allowed. The minimum length of the correctly sized chain for both your primary and secondary anchors will need to be at least half as long as the LOA of your boat. Both the primary and secondary anchors must also have the correctly sized chain and anchor rode for this vessel. The required anchor weight, required chain link diameter and correct rode size shall be defined either by boat length or weight — which ever is greater .

Under class rules, one of your anchors must be ready for immediate use at the bow of your TC boat. Your secondary anchor may be stored below, as may its rode and chain. They do not have to be connected.

If you act quickly, we can usually turn your application around in a week. If we have to contact you repeatedly to get the required information, it will get bogged down and just require more work on everyone’s part. Be thorough. Be candid. Be happy. And thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Very truly yours,

West Florida PHRF
Joe Barrett
True Cruising Chair