Rating & Membership Application

West Florida PHRF uses an on line application form for ratings and membership application, which requires all information to be provided before submission.  It includes the Cruising Application Section if you choose one of the cruising fleets.

Note that all certificates, regardless of issue date, expire on July 1 of each year. That is, a certificate issued in April, 2020 will expire on July 1, 2020.  However, certificates issued after June 10 in any year, will expire on July 1 of the FOLLOWING year because the Boat Of The Year racing series are over by June 10.  If in doubt, email admin@westfloridaphrf.org and ask.

Below is a download-able Application Information Guide which lists all the data needed. Most answers are obvious.  Questions can no longer be skipped.  Those items in red in the Guide have multiple choices on screen to pick from. Please note that all boat, rig and sail measurements need to be in DECIMAL FEET (10.08’ not 10.1′). There are conversion tables in the Guide and the Application.

Also below is a link to the US Sailing Rigs Dimensions mono hull database where you can find your EXACT boat model and rig dimensions. You can confirm your mode by checking the draft or displacement or beam. PLEASE LIST your EXACT MODEL like “Hunter 27-3 SD”, not just “Hunter 27”, etc., as this will help you get a quicker and correct rating.  If you can find your boat in the US Sailing database, click on the Sailboatdata.com link for more boats including multi hulls.  Note that we use the US Sailing Rigs database as the best reference.

If needed, there are several places in the application where you can save your form to complete it later. Just provide YOUR email address to receive a link and record locator to reopen and complete your form within 14 days.

After completing the form, you can pay the application fee immediately via credit card (PayPal is our card processor), or choose to mail a check to: WFPHRF Application, 11140 9th St East, Treasure Island, FL 33706.  Note that you application will not begin processing until payment is received.  Processing will take a MINIMUM of 4 weeks with unique or modified boats taking longer.


The application fee is $50 USD.

On-line Application for Rating Application Guide Metric Conversion Calculator
US Sailing Rig Dimensions Database Anchor Chain Requirements Anchor Safety Specifications
Sailboatdata.com hull, rig and other boat info for most boats including multi hulls