2020-2021 Officers, Directors and Rating Committee

Filler Wendy Filler President president@westfloridaphrf.org
Wendy was raised in upstate New York and started lake sailing as a kid on Sunfish sailing Lake George and Buzzards Bay during family vacations. She served ten years in the Navy and sailed for pleasure at various duty stations. She began racing in earnest in 1992. Wendy has served in various capacities on several Boards of Sailing Clubs. Most recently, she is the Past Commodore of the Punta Gorda Sailing Club and continues to be active in the Race and Cruise Fleets in SW Florida and beyond. Wendy & her husband, Bob, enjoy their Pearson 33, Transition, and have covered most of the waters from Georgia, Florida, and the Bahamas. They have explored the Caribbean from Puerto Rico to Aruba and most points in between to include Martinique, Bequia, Mayreau, Canouan, Mustique, Union Island, Tobago Cay, and St Lucia.
GPennington George Pennington Vice President board@westfloridaphrf.org
George was raised in the Atlantic City NJ area. His boating began at very young age involving both sail and power boats. In order to boat year round, he moved to Pinellas County, Florida in 1964, and began doing race committee work in the early 1970’s with his wife, Beth. Their training for this was mentored by some of the best, such as Pat and Gwyneth Talbot. He has been on numerous boards, committees and Commodore of the Treasure Island Yacht Club. He and his wife have helped several yacht clubs and associations with regattas. Now is a member of the St. Petersburg Yacht Club and is past Regatta General, on the Board of Directors for five years and is now Ocean Racing Chairman.
Jim Mallory Rating Committee Chair ratings@westfloridaphrf.org
Growing up near the large reservoir lakes in Alabama and Georgia left plenty of room for skiing and fishing. A passion for boating ensued to be followed by one for airplanes. An invitation to go sailing with a co-worker led to racing sailboats and combined the passion for both. Jim sails his C&C 36 out of Davis Island Yacht Club where he has served as Fleet Captain and Commodore.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is charles-mixon-pic-e1560382797786.png Charles Mixson Secretary / Treasurer board@westfloridaphrf.org
Charles grew up in north Florida and has truly sailed all his life, starting with lake sailing and racing with his father.  He moved to the west coast of Florida in the 1980’s where he crewed and raced on a Pearson 31.  He acquired a Pearson 35 in the mid-‘90s which he restored, cruised and raced. Charles assisted in the delivery of a Swan 47 from New England to Florida and back via the Bahamas and Bermuda.  He has crewed in two Ensign 22 National regattas in New England.  Charles currently cruises and races a Nightwind 35 and is a member of the Sarasota Sailing Squadron.
Mike Kayusa Mike Kayusa Director board@westfloridaphrf.org
Mike has been sailing all his life. His parents actively sailed from the time he was born until they both passed away. His sailing experience growing up was geared to boat handling, navigation, and cruising the West Coast of Florida, the Keys, and Bahamas. For the last 25 years Mike has owned a variety of racing boats, ranging from a Star to his current Farr 40. Mike lives in Ft. Myers and is a member of Davis Island Yacht Club.
Grant Dumas Grant Dumas Director board@westfloridaphrf.org
Grant is a second generation sailor and grew up racing on his father’s MORC boats in the Great Lakes during the ’70’s and ’80’s. His first boat was an El Toro that he and his father built in the family garage. He currently resides in St. Petersburg with his wife and two daughters and owns Warrior, a custom Tripp 38 which he campaigns in the SunCoast region regattas.
Trudell Kolpack Trudell Kolpack Director board@westfloridaphrf.org
Trudell moved to Florida in 2015 where his passion for sailing took hold. Gunar Rogat and Jerry Watkins took him under their wing and have honed his skills in sighted and sightless sailing.  On the weekends, he can be found competing in buoy races aboard “Foreign Exchange” in Naples and surrounding areas. He also enjoys dinghy sailing with his two sons, Ryan 8 and Ben 5. Trudell and his wife Laura have plans to take their three children sailing for a year or two, when his youngest, Jenna, turns 5. He has been the Rear Commodore for the Sailing Association of Marco Island and is a member of the Gulf Coast Sailing Club.
Dick Booth Dick Booth Director & Administrator admin@westfloridaphrf.org
Dick Booth has been sailing since the late ’60’s in New England, but he seriously grabbed the sport in 1979 after moving to Little Rock, AR, where there is year round sailing and racing.   He competed in spinnaker class PHRF racing in Little Rock from 1990 to 2000 on his Cal 24, and was a club officer and board member for several years.  When Booth moved to Florida in 2000, he naturally jumped into the WFPHRF regatta circuit on his Tartan 4100, Addiction. Booth joined the WFPHRF Ratings Committee in 2003 and became a Board Member in 2004. When not in racing season, he cruises with his wife Linn and two Cockapoos, Cricket and Maggie.

West Florida PHRF Rating Committee 2020-2021

To contact a member of the rating committee, please email to ratings@westfloridaphrf.org or admin@westfloridaphrf.org with the member’s name as the subject.

Jim Mallory Chairman    ratings@westfloridaphrf.org

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